Terms & Conditions

1. Our Professional fees are for Services rendered :

a. Rental / Leave and License / Lease of Residential / Commercial property: One month rent or monthly compensation or License fees whichever is applicable.

b. Sale or Purchase of Residential or Commercial Property: 1% of the total Sale / Purchase price of the property.

2. Mode of Payment : Our fees are to be paid by way of cheque or draft. The payments are to be made within ten days of the deal being closed. We do not accept part payments.

3. Once a property has been shown to a client by us or any of our authorised represenative and has been finalised, our professional fees are to be paid irrespective of, whether the finalisation of the property has been done through any other broker, agencies, persons direct or indirect or direct discussions with the owner or any third party negotiations.

4. If the property to be shown by us is already seen by yourself through any other broker, agencies, persons direct or indirect , please inform us before entering the flat / real estate / property / the building , after site visit your claim of seeing the site earlier will be invalid , if that case clause no 4 is applicable.

5. All negotiations and procedures between the two concerned parties would be carried out in the presence of our representative, unless mutually agreed upon.

6. All legal expenses pertaining to the deal shall be borne by the clients. The fees will be separate as applicable apart from Brokerage / Service Charges / Commission.